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Welcome to Workstation Pros

We build workstations using only the finest certified base models currently manufactured from the HP Z series and the Dell Precision series of workstations. Using our custom build configurator on the build your system pages enables you to combine the components you need to power the workstation your applications require.
We are here to help and with our expertise in Post, Audio, 3D, CAD, Animation, Design and Rendering all of your requirements can be addressed but most importantly your productivity enhanced tenfold.
Our techs are creatives as well as hardened workstation fanatics.
From Post to Audio and everything in-between we are ready to help answer all your questions and provide in-depth technical support for all your workstation requirements. We can give guidance on anything from what GPU will work best for your apps to which drive array will give you the speed you need.
All our components are chosen meticulously to provide the best performance but most importantly, stability. A Workstation Pro build is only as good as its ability to perform well under stress. Our systems work because we put in the work. All systems are given a full 12 hour burn-in stress test before shipping to ensure everything works as intended.
Our care and attention to your build doesn't end when you receive your order, We ensure your WSP experience goes beyond the sale and are always available to advise, troubleshoot and assist you if you get into deep water, For mission critical situations we have loan machines on hand and can even help at the weekends if its an emergency.
We understand that sometimes things don't work out as planned, we ship every build with a USB restore with a snapshot of your system to re-boot quickly if needed, Your WSP user account also contains drivers and and specialist information regarding your system for your convenience, it couldn't be easier to troubleshoot your rig.

The three steps to your build

choose your
Starting the building process
Our custom configurator makes it easy to identify components and what purpose they will bring to you build, Our online chat is is provided for you to ask any questions on specific elements that you wish your workstation to include. Use only the parts you need, not what another company thinks you need.
your Rig
Finely tune
Do you need a certain OS, do you require a certain configuration, what applications will you be running? These are all common questions and as with all things bespoke, anything is possible, Just ask and we can create the perfect solution crafted just for you.
confirm and
add to cart
Fast, secure delivery
Once your build is compiled in our configurator simply checkout and we will begin the build process. 7-10 business days is our standard build time, once completed all status updates and tracking will be available in your online WSP user account created when you made your purchase, UPS will deliver your computer in our ultra strong custom made packaging to ensure everything arrives safely and on time, A signature will be required. Unbox, plug in and your ready for action.


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